A wide range of cards to accept


Offer your customers various payment methods to meet their needs and expectations. Each payment method serves a specific target group.
Choose payment methods that fit with your target audience, or just choose them all for a wide customer experience.

Maestro is used by about 500 million cardholders worldwide and is accepted by about 16 million companies. Almost all Belgian cards are equipped with Maestro for card payments and by far this is the most important payment card in the entire European Union.

It is known that Belgian consumers carry a strong preference for Bancontact. Since its inception in 1989 Bancontact has become the most important payment card in Belgium. Last years, the number of Bancontact-transactions grew with more than 35% to +25 million transactions. There are currently more than 15 million Bancontact cardholders.

Visa is worlds most accepted creditcard. Besides worldwide payment comfort Visa guarantees safety and security. Additional services like ‘Verified by Visa’ guarantee that one can shop and pay safe.

MasterCard is, after Visa, one of the most accepted creditcards globally. Everyday the number of merchant that want to accept MasterCard grows. Do you accept MasterCard and make it your customers comfortable to pay?

Sodexo distributes meal- and ecocheques. Sodexo was founded in 1966 in France by Pierre Bellon and is now global leader in the industry of ‘Quality of Life Services’. The group operates in 80 countries.

Edenred distributes meal- and ecocheques under the brand Ticket Restaurant and Ticket EcoCheque. Since more than 40 years Edenred markets solutions for employees, merchants and service companies.

Monile distributes meal- and ecocheques. Monizze develops and delivers electronic solutions for the well being of employees that will support the performance of the companies they work at.

VPay is a relative new type of European payment card that is full based on the chip & PIN. In the entire EU region banks are preparing to add the Pay-Logo to their national bankcards. Many points of sales already accept these cards.

The GoodPay card is the first genuinely sustainable prepaid payment card. The prepaid card offers many advantages: it is made of corn and donates 5 eurocent per payment to a charity of your choice.

If you are active in the higher segments than acceptance of American Express is recommended. However with less cardholders than Visa and MasterCard this wealthy customer group remains very interesting if your business focuses on a higher segment or American customers.

With more than 8 million cardholders Diners Club is known for its exclusive customers, which on average spend easily twice more than average cardholders. Diners Club is the world’s first credit card company and was founded in New York City.

It is well known that Chinese tourists love shopping and thereby spend a lot of money, especially on exclusive products. UnionPay is the largest payment card of China and Southeast Asia with 2 billion cardholders. UnionPay is indispensable when you receive customers from China and Southeast Asia.

JCB is the most important Japanese credit card, with almost 90 million cardholders. Each year, the BeNeLux receives more than 150,000 Japanese tourists and they easily spend 20% of their holiday budget on shopping. Do you want to offers them you full service? Start to accept JCB.

Discover is a major credit card in the USA, with more than 50 million cardholders. There are many benefits for the cardholders to pay with their Discover card. It is advisable to accept this card if you expect on regular basis American customers in your shop.