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PayNation stands for excellent service.
We are close involved in the needs of our customers.

We are ready to discuss your questions and needs so we can create and propose an individual solution that meets your needs and expectations.
We operate and excellent help desk that you can call any time. We support you by phone and will help you step by step to solve the problem.
Beisdes this we provide a solution within 24 hours in case of technical defects.

Your problem is solved within 24 hours!

We take care of a sustainable and ethical growth of our company.
We are close involved with the needs of customers to support growing their business activities.
Therefor our commitment “Electronic payments made easy.

Frequently Asked Questions…

1. Contracts

Every contract has an initial duration of 12 months that will be silently extended.
Should you wish, by circumstances, to stop the cooperation than you have to inform us by registered mail to initiate a 3 month term of notice.
PayNation works towards the conditions of the Unizo payment charter and aims for long lasting relationships and customer satisfaction.

2. Payment Devices

PayNation provides Ingenico devices for fix, wireless or mobile use. These devices excel by reliability and are simple to operate. All devices are equipped with colour screens. Contactless functionality is available so devices can accept contactless payments and are ready for the future.

3. Payment methods / Cards

Our devices accept all current payment cards in the Belgian market: Maestro, BC/MC, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Diners Club, …
Our devices also accept meal and eco cheques of Sodexo, EdenRed en Monizze.
Should a payment method be missing that you would like to accept then just contact us and we will find the solution for you.

4. Activation process

We want to activate you as soon as possible and to make you active on our payment network.
Besides the contract with PayNation you will also have a contract with an acquirer. Notify us should you already have a contract with an acquirer. In case you need one, or you want to change, we will find together with you the proper acquirer that fits with your payment profile.

5. Meal and Eco cheques

Besides meal cheques our terminals also process eco cheques from Sodexo, Edenred and Monizze.
Contact us for a connection and activation on your terminal.

6. Portal and transaction management

Our portal system collects all your payments over the different methods and organises the data in a clear and transparant report. For you as merchant there is 1 central point for all your payments. These data can be consulted, filtered, sorted and if desired you can export the information.