The most important: OUR CLIENTS

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance for PayNation. Without our customers PayNation simply wouldn’t exist.

Customers are in the heart of our company. All processes are defined, developed and maintained in relation to our customers so we can quickly and accurately respond to questions, suggestions and problems.
Unique and new for Belgium is the “All-in-one service,” which includes the supply of both the payment terminal as all related services such as maintenance, help desk, network, etc.

About PayNation

From Belgium to Europe:
PayNation is the leader in innovative electronic payment systems.

Belgium was for many years the leader in the area of electronic payments grace to innovative systems with Eurocard, Bancontact and eventually MisterCash. The past years the market of payment systems has evolved from a national to an European market with new players and new cost efficient solutions.
This is an ongoing challenge for everybody in the industry. And not the least for us!

Of course, in Belgium the market also changes and evolves to stay leader in innovative payment solutions. Simplicity, flexibility and ease of use are the key components in this.

Above all, we continue to stay the forerunner to the highest standards of security, because in addition to ease of use and flexibility, this is still everyone’s main concern.


PayNation is het company behind the brand bepax.
Since many years bepax defines the standard in qualitative and safe payment solutions for all kind of merchants.

PayNation, an important distributor of these products, is led by three experience Belgian entrepreneurs with more than 25 years experience in the payment industry, telecom, software, big data and research & development in Europe. A real combination of dynamism and experience.

Thereby PayNation can be seen as founder of the methods and security and the settlement between banks and other financial institutions in the payment industry.

PayNation wants an open network of devices, software, acquirers and services. Only by doing this there will be clarity for merchants to make the right choices. This benefits also the transparency to cost structures of payment transactions and payment traffic.